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This course examines world events from 1600 to the present.  Students will be able to understand how past events around the world have shaped the modern world in which we live.  The course will explore exciting topics such as: The Enlightenment, Age of Revolutions, Industrialization, Nationalism, World Wars I and II, the Cold War, and topics in our modern world.  It is essential that as young adults we become familiar with events in the past in order to become good citizens in the future.  All course content is based on the Ohio Department of Education Standards.  Please use the links below to learn more about this marvelous course.

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This Week's Topic!
Learning Target: I can ANALYZE the causes of the Great Depression and its influence on the rise of totalitarian dictators. 

I know I know it when: I can DESCRIBE how Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, and Hitler took, consolidated, and maintained power.

I am learning this because: t has been said that "Freedom is never more that one generation away from extinction.
Therefore we must learn how tyrants and dictators can rise to power and deny people their freedoms if they are left unchecked. 

ussian Revolution Class Notes  |  Tools of Totalitarianism Class NotesThe World 100 Years Ago! Class Notes  A Global Depression Class Notes  | Rise of the Dictators Class Notes

Rise of Adolph Hitler Class Notes  |  Depression and Dictators the Study Guide

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Hitler: The Rise and Fall Part 1 Watch the video.  Make a list of a least 15 facts in a blank Google doc.  Submit your work with the form below.
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Things to know for the Dictators and Depression test.

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